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Cable Harnesses

Cable Harnesses - SIC Ltd

(Cable harness wiring assembly – SIC Ltd)

The size and complexity of the products we manufacture can differ greatly from single earth links to much larger cable harnesses for lorries or trucks with dozens of different connector types and branches coming off the main run.

Flexibility and reliability are at the core of our business and this allows us to provide cable harness solutions for the most demanding of customers. We are able to offer low to high volume production quantities to suit your individual requirements. Our flexible approach to production provides our customers with a one stop shop for all their cable harness manufacturing needs.

We can manufacture cable harness products to suit many different market sectors including automotive, medical, ventilation, heating and vending to name but a few.

Our customers demand quality both electrically and visually whatever market sector they are in. SIC are able to guarantee this level of service due to our highly skilled staff with over 50 years experience in cable harness manufacture.



Manufacturing Excellence

Our Cable Harnesses and Wiring Harnesses and are used in many sectors which include Automotive, Rail, HVAC, Specialist Vehicles, Gaming, Medical and Switchgear to name a few.

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Cable Harnesses Testing Procedure

All our cable harnesses go through rigorous testing throughout all stages of manufacture, and many ‘in-process’ checks take place such as measuring of crimp heights with digital micrometers and the destructive pull off test to measure mechanical strength of the termination, guaranteeing that at the end of the manufacturing process, all of our cable harnesses achieve the levels of quality expected.

With over 50 years’ knowledge and experience supplying into a range of sectors, we have built up a level of expertise that is unsurpassed, we understand the requirements and the expectations that our customers have and it is our mission to exceed these with every cable harness delivered.

We work with all of our customers to ensure that we supply the best quality service and we can offer various scheduling timetables for our deliveries to suit our customers. From fixed date scheduled deliveries to KanBan, we work with our customers to create the optimal solutions to their harness requirements.

Cable Loom Assembly - SIC Ltd

(Cable Harness being formed on build board – SIC Ltd)

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