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SIC have been manufacturing excellence for over 50 years, providing over 14,000 product lines in a variety of sectors. Not only is quality at the heart of all of our operations, but we aim to provide a solution for any size project, be it a small one-off run or large scale production. Got a project for us? Get in touch with our sales team today to discuss your requirements
Close up of a SIC manufactured wire loom

Wiring Looms

Wiring Looms & Wire Looms manufactured to your specification, low, medium and high volume batches in many diverse industries.
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Wiring harness on a nwhite background

Wiring Harnesses

We offer a complete design process for each wiring harness we produce, making us the UK’s definitive wire harness manufacturer.
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Inside a Control panel

Electrical Control Panels

We manufacture high quality and cost-effective control panels for many of the world’s biggest business and brands.
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Ends of a cable loom on white background

Cable Looms

We offer many different types of cable looms from simple discreet wires that have been stripped or terminated to complicated multi component looms.
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Inside a control box

Control Boxes

Our dedicated Control Box build and panel wiring facilities provide the resources to manufacture on-time and on-spec to your design.
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Inside a completed electrical panel

Panel Wiring

All of our panel wiring products are designed and manufactured to your specific individual requirements
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Bunch of multicoloured cable assemblies

Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies are at the heart of our business, we have perfected the precision manufacture of every cable assembly we produce.
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Box Build Assemblies

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Cable harness production board

Cable Harnesses

We manufacture cable harness products to suit many different market sectors including automotive, medical, ventilation, heating and vending.
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