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Box Build Assembly

Box Build Assembly - SIC Ltd

(Box Build Assembly wiring and components)

Box build from SIC guarantees your company quality, value and excellence as a result of our ISO9001:2008 & AS9100 compliant quality and manufacturing procedures. We also manufacture to UL, IPC and NICEIC standards when applicable. SIC is a leading electronic manufacturer with a global service specialising in the assembly of both mechanical and electronic box build. This service ranges from small enclosures where two plastic mouldings encase a PCB to larger more complex fabricated box build assembly.

Our complete box build manufacturing services are tailored to your needs and include cabinet assembly, control panels, racks & enclosures, cable assembly, panel wiring and sub-assemblies. Our services also include build to order (Just In Time), Kanban, Consignment Stock, Direct Line Feed and Low Cost Manufacture sourcing, supply and distribution. Our aim is to consistently save you time and money by delivering the highest quality box build assembly solutions.



Manufacturing Excellence

We have the knowledge and expertise to manufacture your box builds products from simple enclosures to highly complex integrated designs. We work with you to problem solve, test and build your specification in house using the very best components we have sourced or you have provided.

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Experience and Knowledge

We have extensive experience and knowledge in the manufacture of box build which we have gained over the last 50 years. We retain the highest standards when we assemble, test and package goods to customer specification and in doing so we secure you significant cost & time savings. We source printed circuit boards and enclosures from our vast supply chain ensuring that we select the right supplier for your individual needs. Each customer is allocated a dedicated project manager which means you benefit from a single supplier contact throughout the whole project life cycle. That way we can guarantee quality, value and excellence right the way through the box build manufacturing process.

A box build manufacturing partnership with SIC offers such commercial benefits that so many of our clients are now outsourcing all their manufacturing activities to us.

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Box Build Testing - SIC Ltd

(Testing Assembly Box on Testing Unit)

  • Built To Order
  • Guarantee Best Material Pricing
  • Dedicated Product Lines
  • Small enclosures
  • Backplates
  • Sub-Assembly
  • Engineering Advice on Design and Cost Saving
  • Bespoke Product Testing
  • Packaging & Labeling Included
  • Delivery Options Best Suit Your Needs
  • Full Tractability through manufacturing process.
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