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Power Leads

Power Leads - SIC Ltd

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SIC’s Power Leads are made to order and manufactured to our customers’ particular requirements. Our In-house engineering team are extremely knowledgeable and experienced across a range of industries and applications to help you source a tailor made power lead for your application.

Our experienced and qualified production team at our UK manufacturing facility have the skill and flexibility to ensure that as much care is taken on small orders as it is on large scale production.

We can supply power leads to your exact specifications for the cross sectional area or the current carrying capacity. Every power lead is cut to the precise length required to ensure that there is no excess or wastage.

We have a long standing commitment to attaining manufacturing excellence and we encompass this into all aspects of our business. The quality of our product is what defines us, we 100% test each power lead in-house and where necessary, design and produce our own testing equipment. This ensures that we have confidence in the quality, reliability and suitability of every power lead we supply.

How can we help you?

  • Low Cost Manufacturing
  • Straight and coiled power cords
  • Complex Bespoke Designs
  • Labeling
  • 100% Complete Product Testing
  • Various Delivery Options Best Suit Your Needs
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