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Simple guide to... cable harnesses

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Simple guide to... cable harnesses

A cable harness, in the simplest terms, is a series of cables that have been collected together in order to provide the transfer of information or signals in the most efficient way possible.

The makeup of each unique harness depends strongly on the application and environment that the product will be installed and the types of power/signals/information that is needed to be transmitted. The collected cables are then bound together using various methods including secondary sleeving or ties so that they are neatly grouped and protected to perform their function.

The possible application of cable harnesses is extremely wide ranging and they can be found in any machine or product that requires electrical power/signals to be transmitted. The environments in which these products operate can often be hazardous to the cables, mechanical and electrical corrosion must be taken into account as well as environmental sealing and protection. The final size of any cable harness is determined by its application, whether it’s a large scale harness (we have produced up to 100 metres previously) or miniature interface wires and connections, the scope for the design is extremely broad.

This is where our in-house engineering team often give the most help to our customers; they can quickly identify the essentials of the design based on the application and advise the customer on the most effective and efficient manufacturing process for their project. This aligning of cables with running quality checks along with 100% electronic testing as per our customers specification, mean that each product that leaves our ISO9001 accredited factory is manufactured to the highest standards, every time.

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