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The future of automotive electronics

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The future of automotive electronics

SIC have been involved in the automotive sector for quite some time, and we have seen massive changes in the application of our wiring harnesses and cable assemblies

As in car electronics are being developed at a stunning rate, our products are at the heart of many of these technological advances.

The integration of electronics in the form of cable harnesses and wiring looms assist these jumps in technology, automatic windscreen wipers, electronic seat adjustment and stop/start technology have filtered down from the ‘high end’ vehicles to become more and more common throughout all modern cars. Whilst these features are very much the present there is no sign of the technological evolution slowing down and the potential applications of in car electronics gives a tantalising glimpse into a hi-tech future for motoring.

Cars of the future will have technology reaching much further than the traditional dashboard with fully interactive touch screen panels built into the console that will allow the driver to view every aspect of their cars performance and adjust in real-time, Intuitive ‘cyber navigation’ systems that can alert the driver to potential hazards such as harshly braking cars and even augmented reality displays with interactive voice controls that produce a ‘heads-up’ display of live data directly on the windows of the car such as your route digitally overlaid on the road, driving conditions upcoming on your trip or even information about local places as you drive towards them.

Commercially available self-drive technology is perhaps the most exciting and it has been eagerly awaited since Google demonstrated their driverless car back in 2005 (which has since been granted a Nevada driving license in 2011!). The system works through a roof mounted laser that creates a 3D model of the environment and then this, along with data from cameras and radars mounted around the car is wired to a central computer which can navigate the surroundings.

Whilst some of these features may not be seen commercially for some years, this increase in electronics based technology is a good indicator of future market growth, and we anticipate the very positive development of a sector that has continually evolved to utilise our products to maximise the value that their vehicles bring their users. We share this ambition for continual improvement and look to a strong future of a sector that has been central to our business for much of our 49 year history.

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