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Electrical components for the Railway Industry

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Wiring Looms, Cable Harnesses, Cable Assemblies

Electrical components for the Railway Industry

How do you ensure that a product manufactured is fit for purpose? The variance of applications that the products we supply into create an extremely challenging set of environments for our products to withstand.

Just looking at the rail industry our products need to endure vibration, condensation, temperature changes and shocks, and our products must not only withstand these but not lose any performance or operation capacity.

SIC Ltd have been manufacturing the highest quality products for almost 50 years, inlcuding wiring looms, cable harnesses and cable assemblies. it is this dedication to manufacturing excellence along with our commitment to knowing our customers markets and challenges, that allow us to operate in sectors such rail, aerospace, automotive and medical industries. These high performance industries need equally high performing products at their core and it is this pinnacle of excellence that see more and more customers turn to SIC Ltd.

Wiring looms and cable harnesses are used throughout modern trains, from the drivers main operation console, internal and external doors, to passenger information systems, heating and ventilation. The rail industry is a key sector for SIC, one that shares our commitment to excellence and also geographically, with the UK’s first commercial train line being based right here in Swansea in 1907.

We do not just adopt the role of an outsourced assembly service but that of a full manufacturing partner, through the entirety of the process including reviewing the design, materials and manufacturing process for maximum time and cost efficiency through to choosing a delivery schedule to optimise your processes.

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