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Medical Manufacturing

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Medical Manufacturing by SIC Ltd

The Client:

SIC has been working in partnership with one of the world’s leading medical equipment manufacturers for the past 2 years. We supply a range of standard and specialist products which are used in medical manufacturing in the UK and abroad to assemble high end medical generators and probes.

The Challenge:

The client was searching for a multi-disciplined manufacturing partner who could meet their unique supply needs.

They were using two separate contractors to fulfill their wire and harnessing requirements and were unsatisfied by the service levels of both.

Straight forward point to point looms were purchased in high volume and with regularity from an oversees supply partner. However, this supplier was not only consistently failing on delivery times but also attaching unrealistic delays and penalties to even the smallest engineering and design changes.

In addition, the client was using a UK supplier to process specialist 36 AWG, however, the products were regularly failing the high verification specification.

The Solution:

Working in partnership with the client, SIC developed a total supply solution.

Bespoke service protocols were put in place to meet the clients’s needs, including committed response times to engineering changes (from 48 hours) and prototype requests (from 24 hours). Regular, on-time delivery was facilitated by our KanBan arrangement, and we were able to virtually eliminate design change penalties. This service arrangement meant we offered better value for money than our off shore counterparts.

To meet the more specialist requirements of the wire preparation SIC invested in a state of the art Schleuniger CSO200 wire processor – the only one in the UK – and assigned and trained specialist staff to operate the machine. In addition, we created a bespoke ‘clean area’ production unit, to solely service the needs of this client. The result? 100% conformity on SIC prepared wires.

SIC now handles all wire preparation and harnessing for this client, in addition to offering our specialist wire processing and harnessing capabilities to a variety of market leaders in the medical sector.

For more information on our medical manufacturing capabilities or if you would like to receive a free quote from our Engineering Sales or simply arrange a visit then please contact us.